SRB Conference 2017

Christian M. Stiefmueller

Christian M. Stiefmueller, Senior Policy Adviser, Finance Watch
Mr. Stiefmueller is a senior expert on financial regulation in the European Union. His principal research focus is on financial stability, in particular prudential regulation and financial safety nets. At Finance Watch he is responsible for policy research and analysis of the banking sector.

Previously a senior investment banker, Mr. Stiefmueller has more than twenty years’ first-hand experience in the financial industry, working at major global banks. Over the years, he has served as an adviser to many public and private corporates and financial investors on a wide range of M&A, equity and debt capital markets transactions across a number of industries.

Mr. Stiefmueller holds graduate degrees in Law and Applied Languages from the University of Innsbruck and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.

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