Liability Data Report



During 2017, the Single Resolution Board (SRB), via the National Resolution Authorities (NRAs) of the Banking Union Member States, has collected templates on liability data as at 31 December 2016.

The Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) has decided to repeat the liability data collection in 2018 on liability data as of 31 December 2017, integrating the lessons learnt from the previous exercise and taking into account the feedback received from the NRAs as well as the industry.


Modifications have been kept to a strict minimum, yet a number of significant improvements can be highlighted:

  • The automated data collection, storage and subsequent analysis using XBRL will continue within the SRB. This in line with the practice for FINREP and COREP reports. Notwithstanding the technical XBRL implementation at the SRB side, it will still be possible for institutions to send the reports not only in XBRL (as was done in 2017), yet also in the format of an Excel template, provided that the structure of this file is not changed and the reported data fulfills all requirements. Note however, that NRAs may request banks to send reports in XBRL format, but this will be specified accordingly to institutions by their NRAs.
  • The scope of the report remains unchanged and reflects the needs for resolution planning, while limiting the burden of reporting for the groups and entities. Nevertheless, the SRM retains the flexibility to request additional information wherever and whenever it deems necessary to do so.
  • (Sub)-Consolidated views are based on the prudential scopes of consolidation, to be defined by Internal Resolution Teams, in collaboration with the respective institutions.
  • Insolvency regimes of Member States within the Banking Union are currently being analyzed for changes in order to provide an updated mapping for each jurisdiction.
  • The SRB has provided institutions with a data check tool. This tool should enable those institutions reporting in Excel to perform initial data checks, identical to the XBRL validation rules listed below, prior to delivering the reports to their NRAs. In so doing, this should reduce the risk of errors in the reports upon conversion to XBRL by the SRM.



In respect of timing, the deadline for submission of the reports is 30 April 2018 for all institutions. This deadline is identical for files submitted in Excel and XBRL.


Reporting Format

Depending on the IT facilities and the individual process for the data collection, NRAs may decide to restrict the format that institutions can submit (i.e. purely Excel or XBRL). Institutions should contact their NRA via the established channels to learn more about the process for the data collection in their jurisdictions. 


Frequently Asked Questions

Questions on the LDR can be raised directly with the SRB via from November 1st until December 15th 2017.  Feedback will be provided by an updated FAQ (see below). After December 15th, questions can still be raised but via your NRA. The final version of the 2018 LDR Guidance will be published end December 2017, incorporating feedback received during the Q&A.


Note that any updates to the XBRL and other LDR-related documentation will be provided on this page.