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Blog post | 22 April 2021

Single Point of Entry - a resolution strategy addressing the home – host issue in Europe’s Banking Union

Resolution planning has come a long way since the financial crisis 2007/08 and is now firmly rooted in the Banking Union’s regulatory framework. Preserving financial stability in all 21 Banking Union Member States and beyond is key [1] , and this guides the SRB’s approach to resolution planning and...
Blog post | 18 March 2021

Making good progress on resolvability

There is no doubt that 2020 was a milestone year in many people’s lives. At the SRB, 2020 also saw us hit two major milestones from a resolution planning perspective. The first of these was the introduction of a new resolution planning cycle (RPC) based on a 12-month period. The ‘construction’...
Blog post | 21 January 2021

Banking Union – New Year, new momentum

We ended 2020 with agreement on another important step on the road to the Banking Union. The Eurogroup (in inclusive format) agreed to move forward with the reform of the European Stability Mechanism and to establish the common backstop to the Single Resolution Fund – which will enter into force at...
Blog post | 11 January 2021

A new year, a new impetus for the goal of financial stability

New Year isn’t the only time that we, at the SRB, think about resolutions. Our focus is always on making banks resolvable so that we can promote financial stability and protect the taxpayer. However, as we head into a new year that I hope will be brighter than the last, it is a good time to take a...
Blog post | 28 December 2020

A European Bad Bank – a necessary tool for financial stability?

Andrea Enria’s recent comments in the Financial Times fanned the embers of the idea of a pan-European Asset Management Company, more commonly referred to as a European bad bank. Mr Enria promoted the idea as a possible tool for strengthening financial stability across the Banking Union’s banking...
Blog post | 10 December 2020

The common backstop – a welcome step forward

The Eurogroup’s agreement to introduce the common backstop to the Single Resolution Fund (SRF) early is something we very much welcome at the SRB. This is an important step towards completing the Banking Union, and will enhance confidence in the bank resolution framework. In the context of the...
Blog post | 24 July 2020

To resolve or not to resolve: a public interest assessment fit for purpose

The Single Resolution Board (SRB) plans for and manages bank failures in such a way that the public interest is safeguarded. The bank resolution framework was put in place for banks whose collapse might shake other parts of the economy. In these cases, the SRB can use its resolution tools to manage...
Blog post | 10 July 2020

Brexit: get ready for changes

Over the past few months, there has been an understandable focus on dealing with the effects of the Covid-19 outbreak on our economies. However, we should not forget some of the other challenges facing the European financial sector, among them the fact that the United Kingdom will leave the...
Blog post | 3 July 2020

The SRB's fifth anniversary in times of an unprecedented pandemia

Both because of its global scale and dramatic social and economic impact and because continued uncertainty regarding its ultimate scope and consequences, the crisis resulting from the Covid-19 pandemic is an unprecedented challenge being faced by global society. At an institutional level, this...
Blog post | 17 June 2020

MREL: the next steps

The economic shock of the Covid-19 outbreak has put the financial industry again in the spotlight – this time as vital players in mitigating the effects of the crisis, supported by national and European authorities. While the European banking sector entered this crisis in much better shape than it...

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