Press releases

Press releases | 5 March 2021

SRB launches consultation on 2021 Single Resolution Fund contributions

The SRB has today launched a streamlined consultation process in relation to the 2021 ex-ante contributions to the Single Resolution Fund (SRF). In particular, institutions have the opportunity to review the SRB’s preliminary Master Decision for the 2021 ex-ante contributions before its adoption,...
Press releases | 11 February 2021

Single Resolution Board publishes Q3.2020 MREL dashboard

The Single Resolution Board (SRB) has today published its minimum requirement for own funds and eligible liabilities ( MREL) dashboard covering the reporting period Q3.2020 . Key findings: The average BRRD1 MREL target, in percentage of the total risk exposure amount (TREA), rose by 0.6% from June...
Press releases | 6 January 2021

SRB and Bank of England bank resolution cooperation arrangement comes into force

The Single Resolution Board and the Bank of England continue to work closely together to ensure we have appropriate arrangements in place for effective cooperation on the management of the failure of cross border banks, should the need arise. This is underpinned by a cooperation arrangement that...
Press releases | 18 December 2020

SRB issues update on Permission Regime for the Reduction of Eligible Liabilities

The SRB has updated its approach to the prior permission regime for early calling, redeeming, repaying or repurchasing of eligible liabilities instruments by banks, ahead of upcoming key regulatory changes. On 28 December 2020, the application of SRMR2 will mean that prior permission will be...
Press releases | 11 December 2020

SRB publishes its final Valuation Data Set

The Single Resolution Board has published today its standardised data set to ensure that the minimum needed data is available to support a robust valuation for bank resolution. The SRB approach to valuation relies on banks’ ability to provide accurate and timely information in case of resolution. A...
Press releases | 9 December 2020

Single Resolution Board publishes MREL dashboard

The Single Resolution Board (SRB) has today published an MREL dashboard which will be followed by regular quarterly reports. The dashboard is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the Minimum Requirement for Own Funds and Eligible Liabilities (MREL) across the banks under the SRB’s remit...
Press releases | 7 December 2020

SRB publishes guidance on bank mergers and acquisitions

The Single Resolution Board today publishes a paper outlining its expectations for how banks engaging in mergers and acquisitions (M&As) can ensure resolvability. Such transactions, in addition to prudential and competition law implications, are highly likely to have consequences for banks’...
Press releases | 30 November 2020

Single Resolution Board publishes its 2021-2023 Multi-Annual Programme

The Single Resolution Board has today published its 2021-2023 Multi-Annual Programme, including its Work Programme 2021. The SRB sets out a roadmap with a clear focus on achieving resolvability and a robust bank resolution of the banks under its remit over the next three years, as well as further...
Press releases | 8 October 2020

SRB holds its fifth annual conference in Brussels - Banking resolution: Firm foundations for stability

The Single Resolution Board today brings together industry, public authorities and key stakeholders to discuss progress and challenges for bank resolution. The key topics will be the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the industry and resolvability, resolution planning under the second Banking...
Press releases | 23 September 2020

SRB statement on European Court judgments annulling 2017 ex-ante contributions decisions for three banks

The Single Resolution Board takes note of the judgments of the General Court of the European Union annulling the SRB’s decisions on the 2017 ex-ante contributions of Landesbank Baden-Württemberg, Hypo Vorarlberg Bank and Portigon to the Single Resolution Fund and declaring that Delegated Regulation...

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