Members and Alternates of the SRB Appeal Panel


The Single Resolution Board established an Appeal Panel for the purpose of deciding on appeals submitted in accordance with the Single Resolution Mechanism Regulation (Article 85). The Appeal Panel is composed of five individuals of high repute, from the Member States and with a proven record of relevant knowledge and professional experience, who will act independently and in the public interest.

SRB Appeal Panel dismisses five appeals against the resolution of Banco Popular
The Appeal Panel of the Single Resolution Board decided on 19 July 2017 that five appeals filed against the SRB’s decision to place Banco Popular under resolution were not admissible (cases 1/17 to 5/17, available under the Cases​ tab). The Appeal Panel ruled that its jurisdiction is limited to the types of decisions of the Board listed in Article 85(3) of the SRM Regulation, and that a resolution decision is not part of those.


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