SRB Conference 2018 - 10 years after the crisis: are banks now resolvable?

Sasha Mills

Sasha Mills is Executive Director of the Resolution Directorate. In this capacity, she advances the Bank’s priorities on financial stability aimed at ensuring that UK banks, building societies, investment firms and central counterparties can be placed in resolution in the event of their failure, without risk to the wider financial system or to public funds.

Sasha joined the Resolution Directorate in August 2018 from the Bank's Prudential Policy Directorate, where she was Director of Cross Cutting and Insurance Policy. There she was responsible for policy that affects Banks and Insurers including structural reform, accounting and the capital framework, governance and individual accountability, disclosure and policy strategy and implementation.

Sasha has extensive experience in regulation and central banking. She brings thirty years of knowledge and understanding of financial markets to her role and has supervised some of the UK’s most systemically important firms. Sasha has steered prudential policy internationally for banking and insurance supervision. That has seen Sasha lead efforts on pieces of post-crisis legislation, as well as issues related to the legal framework for supervised firms in connection with the UK’s departure from the EU.

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