Engagement and Consultations

Industry consultation on 2021 ex ante contributions

The SRB is committed to listening closely to the views of its stakeholders and being transparent about the decisions it takes. We aim to:

When we consult

The need for an open public consultation is decided on a case-by-case basis. It only applies to approaches developed by the SRB itself. The decision depends in particular on the potential impact on banks and the complexity of the issue.

We may also carry out targeted consultations, aimed at reaching stakeholders that are directly affected, or have specific expertise in the subject under consideration.

How we consult

Public consultations will be published as an online survey on the SRB website, usually for a period of six weeks. The documents will be provided in English only.

Communication of results

The outcome of the consultation will be published with the final policy or guidance document on the SRB website. It will include individual contributions where appropriate, a summary of the contributions and a short description of how the main comments were taken into account.


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