Resolution Reporting (RESREP)

Pursuant to Article 11 (1) BRRD and Section B of BRRD Annex, as well as Article 8 (4) SRMR, the SRB collects information for drawing up and implementing resolution plans for banks under its remit.

The SRB resolution reporting requirements (Liability Data Report, Critical Functions Report and FMI Report) cover the minimum information required by European Commission Implementing Regulation (EU) 2018/1624 of 23 October 2018 as well as further details required for the respective area.

The sub-pages describe specific SRB resolution reporting requirements in more detail, including reporting deadlines, format, changes compared to last year and frequently asked questions.

Overview of SRB Resolution Reporting Requirements for 2019

Report Changes compared to 2018 Submission format
(NRA to SRB)
Link to SRB page Publication date by SRB Submission dealine
Liability Data Report (LDR) Minor XBRL LDR 30 Sep 2018 31 Mar 2019
Critical Functions Minor Excel CF 19 Dec 2018 30 Apr 2019
FMI Minor Excel FMI 19 Dec 2018 30 Apr 2019
CIRN/A Excel CIR N/A 31 May 2019

Contact the Single Resolution Board

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