2018 ex-ante contributions

Target level and amount to be collected

  • The 2018 target level was based on 1.15% of the average amount of covered deposits in 2017 (calculated quarterly) of all credit institutions authorised in the euro area;
  • The total amount of 2018 ex-ante contributions that will be collected by the SRB in June 2018 amounts to €7.5bn This amount takes into account the deduction of the 2015 contributions and the impact of data restatements and revisions.



  • In 2018, 3,315 institutions fell within the scope of the SRF;
  • 49% were small institutions eligible for a lump-sum amount (total assets below €1 billion); and
  • 28% were medium size institutions (total assets between €1 and €3 billion).
  • 21% of the largest institutions paid 96% of the total 2018 ex-ante contributions.
  • The 20 largest banking groups paid 67% of the total 2018 ex-ante contributions.



Risk adjustment factor in the euro area

Intervals for the risk adjustment factorSRM risk adjustment factors:
number of  banks in each interval


Factsheet and Q&A translations

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