Consultation on 2021 ex ante contributions

The SRB is launching a consultation in relation to the 2021 ex-ante contributions calculation process. The SRB considers that the consultation will allow it to better structure its dialogue with the institutions in scope and facilitate the decision-making process. In particular, the institutions will be given the opportunity to provide comments on any aspects of the 2021 ex-ante calculation exercise that they consider pertinent.

The aim of the consultation is:

  • to structure the ad hoc, bilateral and institution-specific dialogues ongoing with ex-ante contribution debtors;
  • to set a clear timeframe and communication channel for the submission of requests/considerations;
  • to facilitate the communication with the SRB;
  • to further enhance the transparency and robustness of the ex-ante contributions process.

This consultation process will end on the 19 March 2021. Any comments received by the SRB in this timeframe will be carefully assessed.

Only the institutions that are in scope of Article 2 of Regulation (EU) No 806/2014 will be able to provide their views on the 2021 ex-ante contributions calculation process. These institutions have already been notified of this process by their respective National Resolution Authorities and have received the relevant information and instructions on how to access the online platform and provide their comments.

If your institution wishes to provide the SRB with its comments, please log in to the online platform via this link (using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox) and use the password received from your National Resolution Authority:

Please note that EU Survey supports the following browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome (the last 2 versions). Using other browsers (such as Internet Explorer) might cause compatibility problems.

In case your institution has any organisational or technical questions related to this process, please contact

Link to survey - open using Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Mozilla Firefox



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