MREL reporting update: checklist on reported liabilities and sign-off form

Banks under the SRB’s remit are asked to use a checklist when preparing the Additional Liability Report (ALR) and complete a  sign-off form before submission, in order to provide additional assurance on liabilities reported as eligible for MREL.

The checklist on reported liabilities is to be used by resolution reporting officers as a guide when filling out the ALR. It lists eligibility criteria and conditions that should be met for reported liabilities to be considered MREL eligible.

The institution’s CEO or board member responsible for resolution should fill out the sign-off form, confirming that procedures and controls were put in place to ensure that the reported data in the ALR correspond to liabilities which meet the eligibility criteria in the legislation (SRMR, BRRD, CRR).

The sign-off form should be submitted to the institution’s local national resolution authority (NRA) with the ALR with reference date 31 December 2020. The deadline for submission is 31 March 2021.

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