Introduction to Resolution Planning

The Single Resolution Board (SRB) has published its Introduction to Resolution Planning. This publication describes the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) and its work on resolution planning.

A resolution plan comprises a comprehensive description of a banking group as well as credible and feasible resolution actions that the SRM may implement if that banking group meets the conditions for resolution.

Resolution planning requires a considerable amount of information and analysis, also from the banks, as they are best placed to provide information on their own structure and functioning.

Resolution planning is an ongoing process. Over time, resolution plans will become more detailed and sophisticated. This also implies that in the period to come, the requirement for banks to address impediments to their resolvability 

Download the Introduction to Resolution Planning​ 


Publication highlights:

  • Description of banks under the remit of the SRM and SRB
  • Tasks of the SRB
  • Resolution Planning
    • strategic business analysis
    • preferred resolution strategy
    • financial and operational continuity in resolution
    • information and communication plan
    • conclusion of the assessment of resolvability
    • opinion of the bank
  • Management summary  

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