Cooperation with the European Banking Authority (EBA) on 2019 Resolution Reporting

The SRB has cooperated closely with the EBA with regard to the reporting on resolution as of 2019, in particular for the Liability Data Report (LDR). Version 2.8 of the reporting framework as published by EBA also contains the minimum framework established in EBA’s Implementing Technical Standard (ITS) on resolution reporting requirements but also, for practical reasons, additional information required by the SRB. An integrated Data Point Model (DPM) and an integrated XBRL taxonomy covering both the minimum data set as defined by the EBA ITS and the additional data points as defined by the SRB are provided to contain and avoid duplicate reporting by institutions under the SRB jurisdiction. As the additional requirements of the SRB have been developed specifically for resolution planning, any questions related to these specificities should be addressed to the SRB via your NRA. Please find the details of the EBA publication.

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