Public Agenda

Date of the meeting Location Organization / individual SRB representative Subject
30/06/2017 Brussels European Banking Federation (EBF) Dominique Laboureix EBF Executive Committee - Resolution planning, MREL and challenges banks face to ensure resolvability
30/06/2017 Florence, Italy European University Institute Mauro Grande Panel discussion on funding in Resolution
29/06/2017 SRB premises Crédit Agricole CIB Dominique Laboureix Discussion on the current market conditions for subordinated instruments and MREL eligible ones
29/06/2017 SRB premises German Council of Economic Experts Elke König Discussion on the progress implementation of BRRD regarding resolution plans and the implementation of bail-in rules
27/06/2017 Brussels Accountancy Europe (formerly FEE) Timo Löyttyniemi & SRB Contributions Experts SRB’s ex-ante contributions process
26/06/2017 Brussels Commerzbank Elke König State of Play of the evolving resolution framework
20/06/2017 SRB premises Italian Banking Association (ABI) Elke KÖNIG Discussion on ABI's ongoing work and MREL
20/06/2017 Brussels European Banking Federation (EBF) Dominique Laboureix Conference on Banking Package Review
16/06/2017 SRB premises Bank of New York Mellon Dominique Laboureix Discussion on the European Banking Package and potential consequences of Brexit and US regulatory changes on financial services regulation
13/06/2017 SRB premises Credit Suisse Mauro Grande Discussion on the development of TLAC (Total Loss- Absorbing Capacity)/ MREL
30/05/2017 Paris International Bankers Forum Elke König 6th Round Table meeting "Frankfurt 120": Banking Union & Moving Forward - Resolvability and Resolution Process
23/05/2017 Brussels AFME Mauro Grande / Dominique Laboureix Exchange of views on resolution relating to the Banking Package Reform
22/05/2017 Berlin Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung (DIW Berlin) Elke König First DIW Women’s Finance Summit (WFS): Changing Finance – international perspectives | Regulation – Digitalization – Political uncertainty
19/05/2017 Amsterdam Hemingway Professional Governance Joanne Kellermann Presentation - Creating tomorrow’s governance
18/05/2017 London HSBC Joanne Kellermann Panellist - HSBC's Financial Institutions Conference 2017 - Moving towards a finalisation of the global regulatory agenda- maintaining a harmonised approach
18/05/2017 Brussels Europolis-Online Elke König Exchange of views on resolution related matters and on the Banking Union package reform
17/05/2017 Rome Italian Banking Association (ABI) Mauro Grande ABI Executive Committee - presentation of the SRB and the Banking Union
17/05/2017 Brussels European Bank Executive Committee (EBEC) Elke König 5th EBEC Forum: Still digesting the legacy, how will Europe’s banking models emerge?
03/05/2017 Elewijt, Belgium EPFIF - The European Pension Fund Investment Forum Timo Löyttyniemi Speech - Single Resolution Fund - Building Liability Driven Investment
28/04/2017 Brussels The Clearing House Dominique Laboureix Exchange of views on the Commission’s proposal for intermediate parent undertakings
25/04/2017 Brussels EACB - European Association of Co-operative Banks Dominique Laboureix Discussion on the European Commission’s proposal for revising the Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD)
12/04/2017 Brussels Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Köln e.V. Elke König SRB Work Programme and its priorities
05/04/2017 Malta Eurofi High Level Conference (5 to 7 April ) / Exchanges with State Street Bank and Trust Company, JP Morgan, VÖB, ABI, Bank of America Merill Lynch, BBVA, IIF, Bank of New York Mellon SA and BNP Paribas Elke König and Antonio Carrascosa Discussion of general Resolution related topics and general developments regarding the Banking Union
29/03/2017 Brussels The Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) Dominique Laboureix Exchange of views on the risk reduction package, the TLAC/MREL proposals, and the EC’s proposals to waive requirements for solo level capital & liquidity requirements
22/03/2017 Brussels European Financial Services Round Table (EFR) Joanne Kellermann European Financial Services Round Table - Stakeholder Round Table: Delivering innovation and stability for Europe in challenging times
22/03/2017 SRB premises Graham Bishop consultancy services Mauro Grande Discussion on MREL
20/03/2017 Brussels Lazard Group Elke König Current developments in resolution planning and resolution, non-performing loans and the related market developments in Europe
10/03/2017 SRB premises Japan Center for International Finance Brussels Dominique Laboureix General discussion on resolution issues and the state of play of the Banking Union.
07/03/2017 SRB Premises BNP Paribas Timo Löyttyniemi & SRF Experts Role of SRB within the architecture of the Banking Union
27/02/2017 Brussels Swedbank Elke König Discussion on MREL
23/02/2017 Brussels CEPS SRB Head of Unit on behalf of Elke König CEPS Ideas Lab Event / Finance Session “Implementing the new regime: Bail-in and systemic risk”
21/02/2017 London Deutsche Bank Elke König 7th Annual Deutsche Bank Capital Forum (Keynote Speech) on the following issues: Financial crisis, the new regulation framework and the progress made, MREL and Bail-in tool and next steps for 2017.
13/02/2017 Athens Grant Thornton / Ernst & Young / Olivier Wyman / BlackRock / Alantra / PQH Single Special Liquidation S.A. Antonio Carrascosa Discussion on valuation methodologies in resolution cases; recent developments in the financial system of some Banking Union countries; NPLs management and insolvency topics
08/02/2017 Brussels/UK (phone call) Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) Antonio Carrascosa Discussion on recent developments in the management of NPLs in some Banking Union countries
08/02/2017 Brussels Associazione Bancaria Italiana (ABI) Elke König MREL computation
02/02/2017 Frankfurt Austrian Bankers‘ Business Lunch organised by the Austrian National Bank Elke König The resolution framework
01/02/2017 SRB Premises Commerzbank AG Mauro Grande Implementation issues of the BRRD, SRB resolution policy topics (MREL) and changes to the EU resolution framework proposed by the EC in its Banking Package Review
31/01/2017 SRB Premises Oliver Wyman Elke König & Joanne Kellermann Presentation on Lessons from US Recovery and Resolution Planning
20/01/2017 Brussels Belgian Financial Forum Elke König Speech - Regulatory changes since the crisis, new rules for resolution, the SRB and SRF’s role, MREL and the SRB’s priorities for 2017.
18/01/2017 SRB Premises Credit Agricole CIB Dominique Laboureix & Bank Recovery and Resolution Expert Presentation - reactions of market participants to the first senior non-preferred transactions compliant with the French Law Sapin II on anti-corruption