2017 ex-ante contributions

The Single Resolution Board (SRB) has developed an IT solution to further automate the collection of data needed to calculate the ex-ante contributions to the Single Resolution Fund (SRF). The system is primarily designed to facilitate the transfer of data between the SRB and the National Resolution Authorities (NRAs), which remain the main points of contact for credit institutions and investment firms in their jurisdiction.

In the context of the 2017 ex-ante contributions, NRAs can choose to send data from their institutions in the following two formats:


  •          Excel
  •          XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language)


This page summarizes the information relevant for NRAs. If instructed by their NRA, institutions can also use the material to report data.


XBRL Format

The XBRL format represents the state of the art format for regulatory reporting. As such, the three European supervisory authorities EBA, ESMA and EIOPA already use it.

In line with the common practice for authorities introducing XBRL-based reporting and in order to aid NRAs that choose to submit data in XBRL format prepare for the data collection, the SRB publishes the following items:


The SRB will also publish subsequent updates to the items above on this website.


Naming conventions for reports submitted in Excel format

Where national resolution authorities choose to submit data from institutions in Excel format, the files need to adhere to following structure of the file name for the report:

[SRB identifier]_[country code]_[taxonomy version]_[filing type]_[submission deadline]_[time stamp].xlsx


  •           SRB identifier (see next section)
  •           Country code: two letter ISO code of country where the institution is authorised (e.g. AT for Austria)
  •           Taxonomy version: the latest taxonomy version published by the SRB (currently 2.1.3)
  •           Filing type: EACIND (Ex-Ante Contributions INDividial)
  •           Submission deadline: 2017-01-31 (the deadline in line with Art. 14 (4) of Commission Delegated Regulation 2014/63)
  •           Time stamp: 17 digit number (any 17 digit number is accepted by the system, but one can chose the time of the creation of the file measured in milliseconds, e.g. 20170115161452154 for 15 January 2017 at 16:14 and 52.154 seconds)    

It has to be noted that the taxonomy version, the filing type and the submission deadline are the same for all institutions within the data collection in the context of the 2017 ex-ante contributions.



NL111_NL_SRF020103 _EACIND_2017-01-31_20170115161452154.xlsx

For a Dutch institution with the identifier NL111.


SRB identifier and list of institutions

As outlined above for both cases, Excel submissions and XBRL submission, NRAs will need to know the unique SRB identifiers of institutions for the naming of the files to submit to the SRB. The SRB identifier is:


  1.    the RIAD code of the institution where available (compare list of RIAD codes on ECB website) or
  2.    where the RIAD code is not available, the local identifier code for the institution assigned by the national resolution authority starting amended by the two letter ISO code for the country (unless the local code already contains the two letter ISO code for the country).


In order to facilitate the naming of the files to be submitted by NRAs and to avoid ambiguities, the SRB publishes the list of institutions that have to pay ex-ante contributions together with their SRB identifiers:


Note that the list will be updated by the SRB in close cooperation with NRAs. The final list will be available in January 2017 and communicated as such.


Format accepted by NRAs from institutions

Depending on the IT facilities and the individual process for the data collection, NRAs may decide to restrict the format that institutions can submit (i.e. purely Excel or xbrl in one jurisdiction). Institutions should contact their NRA via the established channels to learn more about the details on the process for the data collection in their jurisdictions.