• news | 23 December 2020

    Single Resolution Board 2020 round-up

    This year marked the fifth anniversary of the Single Resolution Board (SRB) taking on its full powers within the Single Resolution Mechanism. During these five years, the Banking Union established a credible bank resolution regime and the SRB has become an experienced crisis management organisation...
  • Blog post | 28 December 2020

    A European Bad Bank – a necessary tool for financial stability?

    Andrea Enria’s recent comments in the Financial Times fanned the embers of the idea of a pan-European Asset Management Company, more commonly referred to as a European bad bank. Mr Enria promoted the idea as a possible tool for strengthening financial stability across the Banking Union’s banking...
  • Press releases | 18 December 2020

    SRB issues update on Permission Regime for the Reduction of Eligible Liabilities

    The SRB has updated its approach to the prior permission regime for early calling, redeeming, repaying or repurchasing of eligible liabilities instruments by banks, ahead of upcoming key regulatory changes. On 28 December 2020, the application of SRMR2 will mean that prior permission will be...
  • Speeches | 16 December 2020

    Speech by Elke König at CER - ‘Coping with Covid: the next steps for banks

    [CHECK AGAINST DELIVERY] [Introduction] Good afternoon Christian, ladies and gentlemen, and thank you for the invitation to be part of a CER event once again. I last spoke in this forum almost three years ago in March 2018. Quite a bit has changed since then and I will be addressing some of those...
  • news | 15 December 2020

    2nd SRB-EBI conference on bank resolution - 3 Feb. 2021

    ebi srb 3 February 2021 2nd SRB-EBI conference on bank resolution The Single Resolution Board (SRB) and the European Banking Institute (EBI) are delighted to invite you to the second SRB-EBI conference on bank resolution. The following topics will be discussed: Harmonisation of EU bank liquidation...

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