Save the Date – SRB Technical Workshop on the 2017 Liability Data Template

In preparation for the 2017 Liability Data Template (LDT) data collection process, the SRB has decided to open a window of direct communication with institutions responsible for preparing the 2017 LDT. To facilitate this, the SRB will conduct a technical workshop: a video with additional guidance on the 2017 LDT will be uploaded to the SRB website on February 1st 2017 and institutions are invited to send their questions directly to the SRB.

Purpose of Technical Workshop

The aim of the Technical Workshop will be twofold:

  1. 2017 LDT and related guidance: Provide additional support to institutions on how to complete the 2017 LDT published in December 2016 (with the accompanying guidance) on the SRB website.
  2. Data collection Process: Institutions will also receive a brief update on:
    1. Data delivery by institutions to National Resolution Authorities (NRAs),
    2. The use of XBRL by the SRB for data collection from NRAs
    3. Filing rules and naming conventions (to be published on the SRB website end March 2017).

This workshop will therefore focus on the technical aspects of the data collection process and on the expectations of the SRB in that respect. It will not cover the policy issues related to MREL setting in 2017 and, more broadly, to the use of the LDT for resolution planning purposes.


Target Audience

The target audience will be:

  • The technical experts at the institutions who will be responsible for collecting the liability data and filling in the template.
  • NRAs


Feedback on the 2017 LDT from Institutions – Q&A

A key feature of the workshop is the possibility for institutions to raise questions directly with the SRB. To facilitate this, a functional mailbox ( at the SRB will be opened starting January 18th and will be available to institutions until February 15th 2017. Beyond this date, questions may still be raised through your local NRA.

Note that the Q&A will be limited to technical questions: policy questions will not be treated through this channel. Feedback on the questions raised will be provided through the publication of a FAQ list on the SRB website mid-March 2017. If useful, an update to the video may be posted in March/April 2017 to clarify some of the answers provided by the SRB.

The video will be available on the SRB website until the data delivery deadline (15th May 2017).


We look forward to receiving your feedback on the 2017 LDT!


Contact the Single Resolution Board

Treurenberg 22, 1049 Brussels

+32 (0) 2 490 30 00